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Welcome back to another season with MDROCC!


As we are a non-profit, member run club, we require all members to pay dues.

Dues cover: SCORA race fees + equipment maintenance and repairs

+ trailering of canoes for races + use of escort boats (during race season) + insurance

4 Steps to Membership Renewal


SCORA WAIVER & MDROCC Member Agreement

In order to paddle with us you must complete the SCORA Liability Waiver & MDROCC 2023 member agreement. You will need to sign a new waiver & agreement each year.


MDROCC Member Dues

Dues payments are required in order to participate in the season. We accept Credit Card, Cash or Check (payable to Marina Del Rey Outrigger).  Payable in two installments. Additional members of the same family shall receive a $20 discount.


2023 Season Dues = $585


Students / Members 25 and under

2023 Season Dues = $515

Must upload current school ID


2023 Season Dues = $105

*Juniors that continue on through distance season will be required to pay additional dues.


2023 Season Dues = $105


Renew your SCORA ID

In order to participate in the SCORA race season, you are required to register with SCORA to obtain or renew a SCORA ID. 



You did it! You jumped through all the hoops... and now you can paddle as an official MDROCC club member again.

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