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Our Women's program is competitive

and a whole lot of fun. We train hard and play hard.

We welcome paddlers of all levels - Novice to Veteran.

This is a competitive program that runs during SCORA's racing season.

Our Women's program is broken into a Novice and an Open team for SCORA's Iron and Sprint races.

Novice will be introduced to fundamentals, equipment and technique. 

Those Novice who develop proficiency may also be invited to compete in the 9-man races.

Season Kick-off Meeting

Monday, March 11th at 5:30 pm

Practice Times

Mondays @ 5:30p - Dark

Wednesdays @ 5:30p - Dark

Saturdays @ 7:30a


Open Women's Coaches

Dave Krueger

Kari Hiraiwa

Jaimee Kimizuka

Shelley Tanaguchi-Dea

Novice Women's Coaches

Gerry Ryan

Kent Moody




Any paddler who is a first-year paddler and has not raced in any race

sanctioned by a recognized outrigger association in any prior year.


Any paddler participating in any OC6 division in a given event - A, B, Bradley, Spec, Unlimited; Coed.

Coed Crew

A coed crew for Iron divisions must consist of at least 1, but no more than 3 men.

A coed crew for 9-man divisions must consist of at least 1, and no more than 4 male paddlers at any time.

Practice Times
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